SCCF 10-Year Celebration: Fundraiser Event
Graphics, Invitations, Menu, Etc.

South Cumberland Community Fund’s (SCCF) fall fundraising dinner included lecture from Biologist David Haskell, who was speaking about his new book Sounds Wild and Broken: Sonic Marvels, Evolution's Creativity, and the Crisis of Sensory Extinction. This book, and his lecture for the evening investigate the natural world through sounds and how we are losing richness from nature’s soundscape. Based on the idea of lost information, I developed a hyper-pixelated image of several of the area’s loudest local animals. Hidden within each is a QR code that routes to a local sound recording (by David Haskell) of each animal. 

Plate stack, cut down from 8.5x11 cardstock. French Paper Company Mint Speckletone.